NHS Prosthetic Services

Blatchford recognises that patients have varying needs influenced at any time by specific treatment requirements or issues relating to lifestyle changes and developments. Individuals can access a Prosthetist for major limb reviews, treatment discussions or complications, choose to see a Clinical Assistant for minor supplies or consumable accessory replacements, attend a Technician Clinic for instant repairs. We can accommodate work schedules by offering an afternoon or out-of hours appointment.

Comprehensive assessment

Primary amputees, those people who have recently undergone surgery, will have additional clinical time to discuss their prosthesis¹ in the light of their amputation level and lifestyle needs. Various component options will be evaluated to find those that complement day to day activities. In the early days this choice will often develop over time as healing and gait² rehabilitation progress.

Continued support

Established amputees, who are confident and comfortable with their chosen limb system, may carry on with that prescription or may wish to consider additional options to engage in a sport or leisure pursuit that requires specific limb components for optimum performance. The Prosthetist is happy to discuss these requirements with the individual and in conjunction with the clinical team so that a good solution can be developed to support this enhancement in lifestyle choice.

¹Prosthesis = artificial limb ²Gait = walking pattern