“I literally called it the ‘Holy grail’ as it’s been a product that I had been waiting for since becoming an amputee 8 years ago!”
“If you’re an active amputee that has struggled with the build-up of sweat in your liner, I would recommend this product.”


“I normally have to stop several times to empty my liner and dry off my stump throughout the race.”
“The Silcare Breathe Liner is a fantastic product, it’s great for taking the sweat away which adds to that confidence and security.”


“It’s the best product out there, I can’t see anything out there that compares to the way it works.”
“Due to the perforated holes in the liner, it draws moisture away from my limb while I’m walking and is much more comfortable without the skin breakdown”.


“Silcare Breathe makes a huge difference – I can walk around without having to take my leg off to dry my limb.”
“It’s much more secure, and feels much better. Using the Liner I don’t have to think so much about what I’m doing and I can just get on with enjoying the things that I love.”


“The very first time I used Silcare I was really surprised how dry and secure I was in it. When I’m running I’m held in the socket and a lot more stable”