The range of Orthotic devices provided by Blatchford complements the wide variety of specialisations practiced by our mainly dual qualified Orthotic Clinicians. These specialisations include orthotics for diabetes, neurological disorders, orthopaedics, spinal pathologies, orthopaedic footwear and treatment ranges from paediatric provision through to disorders related to old age.

Optimum treatment

Our Orthotists work with both NHS Hospitals and GP referrals to supply devices that support the body, encourage active lifestyles and reduce pain or pathological developments. Blatchford uses a combination of made to measure and off the shelf devices to ensure optimum treatment effect and comfort. Digital scanning and computer aided manufacture of insoles and braces ensures that our Orthoses¹ are manufactured to a high degree of accuracy.


Expert team

Our team of Orthotists maintains a training regime that ensures they are up to date with the latest technologies and rehabilitation thinking. This means that each patient can be provided with appropriate treatments, optimised designs and lightweight materials. We have access to gait analysis systems in many of our clinics which measures the effectiveness of chosen devices and treatments regimes.
Patients may attend our clinics by appointment or access the telephone review process. We have a team of Clinical Assistants who can help with replacement consumables and accessories.

¹Orthoses = Orthopaedic braces

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